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Driving Classes in Dunmore, Pennsylvania

You get the full treatment when you enroll at Tempesta Driving School. That's because our driving classes are designed to ensure you know it all, from how to operate your vehicle to the importance of obeying road signs.


After you complete the course, you drive away as a skilled confident motorist. Be a model driver by enrolling in driving classes at our school in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Basic Course
Our basic 6-hour course helps prepare young drivers for a variety of circumstances when they're on the road. Instruction includes:

 • Parallel Parking
 • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
 • Pre-Test
 • Renewal
 • Highway/Merging
You also learn how to be a safe driver with 30 hours of classroom instruction. This is especially essential when you want to qualify for a permit.


Classroom, Driving Classes in Dunmore,  PA


Online Drivers Education Course
PA Dept of Education approved online theory program. This course is intended to allow students to get their classroom training online instead of in the classroom.

This course fulfills the State of Pennsylvania required 30 hours of classroom instruction. Click on the link to register and to get course details:


Preparation for a Permit
If you already have a permit, we offer you a refresher course that includes:
 • Rules of the Road
 • School Bus Laws
 • Emergency Situations
 • Signs

 • Films
 • Open Book Final

State Requirements
If you've never driven, we teach you everything, including the basics from gas to the brakes.  Pennsylvania State has a few requirements that we also cover in the classroom such as controls of the dashboard and 65 hours of driving experience.


Car, Driving Classes in Dunmore,  PA

Behind The Wheel
This drivers' education course covers several areas that ensure you know exactly how to maneuver when you get behind the wheel. We even show you how to feel more confident about parallel parking. Other instruction covers stop signs, speed limits, and highway merging. 

Learn how to be a defensive driver by contacting us at (570) 347-0219 in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, to enroll in driving classes.